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files/site/Media-Archiv/Buecher/markets-never-forget.jpgMarkets Never Forget: How Your Memory Is Costing You Money--and Why This Time Isn't Different

von Kenneth L. Fisher (2011)

In Markets Never Forget But People Do: How Your Memory Is Costing You Money and Why This Time Isn't Different, long-time Forbes columnist, CEO of Fisher Investments, and 4-time New York Times bestselling author Ken Fisher shows how and why investors' memories fail them--and how costly that can be. More important, he shows steps investors can take to begin reducing errors they repeatedly make. The past is never indicative of the future, but history can be one powerful guide in shaping forward looking expectations. Readers can learn how to see the world more clearly--and learn to make fewer errors--by understanding just a bit of investing past.

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files/site/Media-Archiv/Buecher/01_cover-8-fallen.pngDie acht größten Fallen für Geldanleger

von Thomas Grüner (2009)

Wenn es um sinnvolle Anlagestrategien geht, entwickeln sich sogenannte Experten in den Medien oft zu wahren Märchenerzählern. Die gleichen Zahlen werden heute so, morgen so interpretiert. Und gleichzeitig laufen alle wie Lemminge hinter der Mehrheitsmeinung her. So tappen allzu viele Anleger bei ihren Investitionsentscheidungen immer wieder in typische Fallen.

Dieses Buch möchte mit den stets wiederkehrenden und unglaublich populären Märchen, Mythen und Klischees aufräumen, die im Finanz- und Geldanlage-Business weit verbreitet sind. Darüber hinaus zeigt Autor Thomas Grüner auf, wie Investoren erfolgreich ihr Vermögen mehren können, wenn sie die acht wichtigsten Fallen vermeiden und insbesondere den Marktkonsens immer wieder auf seine Stichhaltigkeit überprüfen. Gefahr droht stets dann, wenn Sie das tun, was alle anderen auch tun.

Leseproben (einfach die folgenden PDF-Dokumente anklicken):

Inhaltsverzeichnis - "Die acht größten Fallen für Geldanleger"
Vorwort - Thomas Grüner
Vorwort - Ken Fisher (deutsch)
Vorwort - Ken Fisher (englisch)
Kapitel 8 - "Sie überschätzen Ihre Investmentkenntnisse und -fähigkeiten"

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files/site/Media-Archiv/Buecher/02_cover_debunkery.pngDebunkery: Learn It, Do It, and Profit From It - Seeing Through Wall Street’s Money-Killing Myths

von Kenneth L. Fisher (2010)

In the bestselling book, Debunkery: Learn It, Do It, and Profit From It—Seeing Through Wall Street’s Money-Killing Myths, author Ken Fisher details why so many investors fail to get the long-term results they desire. The short answer is many investors fail to question if what they believe is true—and are therefore blinded by tradition, biases, ideology, or any number of cognitive errors. The problem is, the errors don’t seem like mistakes—they seem like smart, intuitive, and/or widely recognized investing “wisdoms.” But much of what’s accepted as investing “wisdom” is, instead, bunk. How can investors tell bunk from reality?

In short, accessible, and highly entertaining chapters, Debunkery details and debunks 50 common Wall Street myths—and gives you the tools you need to continue to do your own debunkery for the rest of your investing career.

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files/site/Media-Archiv/Buecher/03_cover_25_years_of_ken_fisher.pngThe Making of a Market Guru: Forbes Presents 25 Years of Ken Fisher

von Aaron Anderson (2010)

Ken Fisher is founder and CEO of Fisher Investments, an independent money management firm managing over billion (as of Dec. 31/09) for individuals and institutions. And, Fisher has written the monthly "Portfolio Strategy" column for Forbes magazine for the last twenty-five years--since 1984--making him, so far, the fourth longest-running columnist in the magazine's history. During this time, he's seen everything from the stock market crash of 1987 and the great bull markets of the 1980s and 1990s to the Tech bubble of 2000 and the global market meltdown of 2008.

Now, with The Making of a Market Guru, you'll gain an insightful look at Fisher's prolific career over the years and discover the high-profile market calls he's made so far in these monthly columns. At times engaging and timely, at others revealing and informative, this book is a sweeping look at a recent and eventful slice of stock market history. You'll read about what's changed, but you'll be more amazed by what hasn't. And you'll see investing wisdom that still applies, now and for the foreseeable future, from a quarter-century of Fisher's concise and witty market wisdom.

Preceding Fisher's columns for each year are a few pages of commentary--putting them in historic context, pointing out areas that are still salient, and others where Fisher's perspective has changed over the years--highlighting key points that deserve extra attention.

Chapter by chapter, this book offers practical investment advice from a leading market voice, while:

  • Looking at Fisher's market analysis over the years and providing an industry insider's view of major, and not-so-major, market events
  • Examining how Fisher called three of the last four bear markets
  • Showing that what many commonly think impacts markets doesn't--and some very surprising things that do impactmarkets that few are aware of.
  • And much more

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files/site/Media-Archiv/Buecher/04_cover_how_to_smell_a_rat.pngHow to Smell a Rat

von Kenneth L. Fisher (2009)

In December 2008, a well-regarded member of the finance community, former NASDAQ chairman, huge charitable contributor, and pillar of New York society admitted to his sons the billion he managed for hedge funds, charities, foundations, Hollywood stars, and myriad smaller investors was a fraud - a Ponzi scheme.

2008 and 2009 will be remembered for bear markets, a global credit crunch, and some of the largest investment scams ever. But these scams are nothing new - from Charles Ponzi to Robert Vesco to Bernard Madoff - they've been repeated throughout history, and there will certainly be more to come in the future. But the good news is fraudsters often follow the same basic playbook. Learn the playbook - and know how to ask the right questions - and financial fraud can be easy to detect and simple to avoid.

Some advisers start intending to embezzle. Others evolve to it as Madoff claims. Either way, it's structurally the same, and you can learn ways to identify both intended and possible future fraud. Throughout your investing life, you may be presented with opportunities that seem too good to be true. In How to Smell a Rat: The Five Signs of Financial Fraud, trusted financial expert Ken Fisher provides you with an insider's view on how to spot potential financial disasters before you commit your money to a scam.

Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, this reliable resource takes an engaging look at recent and historic examples of fraudsters, how they operated, and how they could have been easily avoided. Fisher then shows you quick, identifiable features of potential financial frauds and arms you with questions to ask when assessing money managers.

With this newfound knowledge, you can learn to spot red flags, such as:

  • Advisers with direct access to investors' funds
  • Firms with numbers that seem too good to be true?
  • Managers with fees that are too low? Madoff didn't charge any fees, he just charged for trading!

There should be a premium for integrity. Asking the right questions and performing the proper due diligence go a long way toward finding a firm that insulates you from financial fraud. With the help of trusted financial expert and bestselling author Ken Fisher, you'll be better prepared to identify and avoid financial scams that could instantly destroy the wealth you've worked so hard to build.

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files/site/Media-Archiv/Buecher/05_cover_das_zaehlt_an_der_boerse.pngDas zählt an der Börse

von Kenneth L. Fisher (2007)

Ken Fisher bringt die Dinge wieder einmal auf den Punkt. Glauben Sie nicht dem Mainstream und den Schlagzeilen der Wirtschaftspresse. Begeben Sie sich auf die Suche nach Divergenzen. Zusammenhänge, die jeder zu kennen glaubt und einer Überprüfung nicht Stand halten, bieten fast immer die strategisch besten Investitionsentscheidungen. Denken Sie unkonventionell und stellen Sie Fragen, die niemand stellt. Querdenken lohnt sich und Ken beweist seine Thesen eindrucksvoll in seinem neuen Buch. Lesen und immer wieder nachschlagen. Ein bemerkenswertes Buch von einer bemerkenswerten Person.

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files/site/Media-Archiv/Buecher/06_cover_die_investmentstrategien_der_profis.pngDie Investmentstrategien der Profis

Erfolgreiche Methoden für Ihre Anlageentscheidungen
von Heiko Aschoff (2006)

Thomas Grüner hat für "Die Investmentstrategien der Profis" einen 23-seitigen Beitrag veröffentlicht. Sie können sich das Buch durch Anklicken des Links zu Amazon bestellen. ISBN: 3898792145 - erschienen im Finanzbuchverlag August 2006

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